Perfect Sunset in Taganga, Colombia [2018-04-15]

Foto atardecer en taganga

When the sun goes down In Taganga, a seaside neighborhood of Santa Marta in Colombia, everyone can enjoy a wonderful show from the main bay beach.
After a languorous day laying under the burning Caribbean sun or a relaxing day around the pool at Divanga Hostel and a short walk to admire the amazing landscape, the afternoon is ending with one of the greatest sunset in the world surrounding by the mountains of Dumbira Natural Park.
Thanks to the perfect orientation East-West of Taganga Bay, the magic is taking place for thirty minutes of pure delight from the moment when the sun starts setting until it disappears into the Caribbean sea.
Amazed by this incredible spectacle offered by Mother Nature, it’s time to go home and keep going a delightful night with a great cocktail and fine French dinner at Divanga Hostel, lovely place to stay in Taganga.

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