The magical sunsets of Taganga

In Taganga it is impossible to let the days pass without some magic in them. The unique atmosphere that exists in this land is accompanied by the rhythm of the waves, the soft sand, the imposing mountains and the smiles of those we meet along the way.

Every day in Taganga is charming and closes with a flourish: movie sunsets.

Today we share with you some places from where you can observe how nature creates this explosion of colors like a gift, in the sky of Taganga, so you can enjoy with friends, your partner or in total solitude:

Mountain heading to Playa Grande This place is a staging, where the colors make their appearance and dance in the reflection with the surface of the ocean. To get there you must take the road to Playa Grande and along the way find your favorite spot.

Taganga Viewpoint: Quite a spectacle is what you can see from the Viewpoint; Located next to the road that enters the town, here you will have one of the best locations to enjoy a magical sunset and a perfect selfie.

Taganga Bay Get your camera ready to capture the dancing of the boats, like clouds on the water as the sun sets and the moon rises. You can walk throughout the town until you reach the beach and there you will be surprised to see the fusion of the sea with the sun.

Divanga From the comfort of our open-air spaces you can spend an afternoon with a good drink, immersed in the warm colors of the sunset and its magic.

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