Diving + Taganga=Divanga

Diving in Taganga with Divanga

Diving in Taganga with Divanga

Taganga is a paradise located on the Colombian Caribbean coast 5 km northwest of Santa Marta. It is known for being a fishing village and diving in Taganga.  Magical landscapes and submarine life attract thousands of tourists each year.

For this reason, it has become an ideal place for water activities such as diving. Its submarine life is beyond beautiful. Divers from all over the world want to come to Taganga to marvel at its colorful coral reefs and the unimaginable variety of fish and wildlife.

Learn Diving with Divanga!

Diving Taganga – Buceo Taganga, our tourist information office are located in the Divanga Hostel. We will show you all the possibilities of the vast world of diving in Taganga. 

With our excellent instructors Franch and Colombian on site, we offer you the highest quality for your diving courses, in English and French.

We will advise and guide you in a personalized way according to your needs and experience. So you will be able to enjoy the best of this wonderful adventure. We will make sure to leave life long memories of diving in Taganga.

Therefore, expert divers from around the world come to Taganga motivated by its marine beauty and lowest prices in the world for this amazing adventure.

Buzos en la piscina de Divanga

Diving in Tayrona Park

Taganga also is known for its wonderful location near the Tayrona National Park. This protected area keeps staying in excellent conditions in terms of corrals and fauna. There you will find an unlimited number of fascinating beaches, including the unique Isla Aguja.

This is the only natural reserve virgin island, making it the perfect place to dive.


Diving Taganga – Buceo Taganga offers many dive services and is sure to accommodate your diving needs.

Dive packages always include boat transfers, a highly experienced staff, underwater video and photographs, and snacks according to your diet. 

Booking diving directly with us, you get special packages with accommodation at Divanga Hostel!

Important to note that we receive all cards,  in presence y e-payment without extra charge!

$ 410,000 - PADI MINI COURSE

Our PADI certified instructor will teach you the basic theory and practice skills. The price includes full equipment and Padi Discovery introduccion. It is possible that those 2 dives will want you to do a full license!


Price includes a book, logbook, theory and practical training, PADI e-learning, full equipment and license fees. During 3 days you will become a diver and your life will get a new dimension!

Beginner diver?

If you don't have a diving license, we have some options for you. Have a look at those 2 examples or contact us for more!

Certified diver?

There are plenty of dive sites to choose from, many possibilities to update your license and a lot of other divers to share the fun with!


Price includes logbook, theory and practical training, full equipment and license fees, PADI e-learning course. During 2 days you will become a better diver and your license from OWD will be updater to AOWD until 30 meters!

$ 310,000 - FUN DIVE

2 dives guided by a local divemaster. Drinks and snacks between the dives will be provided. Boat fees and equipment are included in the price. Just enjoy Caribbean Paradise! Payment by card without any extra charge!
Diving in Taganga is great

Diving in Taganga is Divanga!

Next, we will show you the services that you can access and reserve from now on, depending
your diving experience.
We offer you PADI certifications.
In a package with Divanga Hostel including accommodation, it is cheaper.

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We have a lot more diving options for you to choose from. Just check our booking engine for the room availability and come here to enjoy the ocean.

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