Rooms at Divanga Hostel

Rooms at the Divanga


The rooms at the Divanga hostel in Taganga are comfortable, clean and refreshing, shared dorms and private rooms with bathroom with air conditioning.

Divanga Hostel has 13 rooms, all with private bathroom, with a total capacity of 40 persons.

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Types of Rooms at Divanga Hostel

As private rooms, we offer double rooms for couples with a double bed or two separate beds, but also rooms for three or four people.
In a shared dormitory, the maximum number of beds is 6 beds. They also all include a bathroom and air conditioning.

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Option with breakfast in all rooms at Divanga Hostel

We offer our excellent breakfast in all shared or private room rates. In this case, you can choose to include breakfast or keep our lower rate without breakfast. It will always be available if you change your mind.
You can build your breakfast with all our options. They are also suitable for people who prefer to eat vegetarian or vegan.

Air conditionning in all rooms at Divanga

Hostal Divanga also offers the option of a shared or private bedroom, always with air conditioning. The bathroom is included in the room and if it is occupied, you have another bathroom available.
You will always have freshness in your room at Divanga Hostel. We take care of the environment with constant maintenance of air conditioning equipment.

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Comfort of the rooms at Divanga Hostel

The rooms are colorful with comfortable beds, soft sheets, and feather pillows. The bathrooms include a shower, sink, and toilet.
We provide towels and liquid soap as needed.

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Quality of the rooms at Divanga Hostel

We guarantee the best rest in our cozy rooms. Its anti-noise windows protect you from any disturbance at night.

In addition, they are decorated with French taste and maintained with strict standards of service and cleanliness.

The best way to choose your room is to check it at our booking engine. You will see the prices and pictures of the room that may interest you.