The services at Divanga Hostel are adapted to your travel. This means, you’ll find Everything you really need to feel comfortable in your new home.

Swimming pool and beach chairs

Great space fresh and clean in the heat of Taganga. We take so much care of the source of coolness, inviting to relaxing and diving training with two different depth.

Free Internet access by wifi:

At your arrival, the password connects you with the rest of the world! If you need a computer, one I available in the lounge room for search, download, record or even watch your diving class.

TV lounge with Netflix movies

Comfortable couch and big screen to keep in touch with tour favorite entertainment. At any moment you can renew with your favorite show, share a good movie with friends or enjoy the last football match of your team!

Pool table and games

Traditional attractive pool table, in wood and marble and other games like chess, cards, domino. They are always players available and we are even ready to organize for you an unforgettable poker night!

Rooftop Bar with music

Cozy and welcoming bar offering great natural juices as well as cool and perfectly prepared cocktails. This relaxing environment promises you a beautiful moment in your trip.

French Restaurant

Exceptionally good food located in a hostel, at affordable rates. The French owner composed a large menu with exclusive recipes including a lot of vegetables and high-quality ingredients in a healthy food spirit.

Guest kitchen

May not be the biggest guest kitchen but it has a fridge and is located on a wonderful terrace with ocean view and a nice breeze. Besides, you can ask any utensil you need at the restaurant kitchen to prepare your own food.


Included in all private accommodation and available for dormitories as well at preferential prices. The breakfast counted several options according to your choice, all delicious and healthy

Safe luggage storage

Go light to your overnight trips without worrying about your pack or suitcase, we keep them for you, safe and free!

Credit cards accepted

VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards accepted.

Reception and 24 hours security

Arrival at any time, there is always someone expecting you and offering support.

Desk tourist information

Helpful and interesting tourism album by Divaexpe, Divanga travel agency. You can consult it during your check-in while we do the paperwork and learn about all the attractions around. We can book for you any of the tour or transport and give you cheapest tips to go anywhere.

Private bathrooms

We have rooms with private bathroom for your comfort. Just check the booking system and choose your room!

No smoking and smocking zones

As you wish, nonsmokers or smokers are welcome at Divanga Hostel as far as respecting each other!

Sea view

From our Bar and terrace, you can see the ocean. This will be your relax zone!

Laundry service

As a support to the community, we connect you a native laundry lady who will take care of your cloth as if it were hers and you will feel good by giving her resources for her living in exchange.


To increase your safety, we will provide a local map and a lot of tips on how to move around Taganga to stay safe and enjoy your time.

Sustainable tourism information: Supporting the planet for the next generations! At check-in we’ll inform you about the way we ask you to follow some principles with us in the three aspects of sustainability: environmental, social and economic:
o Environmental: spare the water and the energy, learn about the natural activities and sites
o Social: learn about the community of Taganga and the cultural patrimony in the area
o Economic: support local operators and services, spare the water and energy even more!

If you have any questions, just: