Taganga: Best place to stay in Santa Marta!

Taganga best place in Santa Marta

Taganga: the best place in Santa Marta

Santa Marta is the most interesting center of tourism in Colombia for the multitude of different sites to visit. You can enjoy idyllic beaches, discover scuba diving and its fauna rich in corals and colored fauna. Also let’s go for a walk in the mountains by stopping in the various waterfalls on several levels. Learn about the exciting past of the first city created in South America.
But the best place for your stay in Santa Marta is called Taganga. Because it will give you the biggest change of scenery.

It is a small seaside village but also northern district of Santa Marta known for the magnificent landscape. Its bay is surrounded by mountains, that forms a protected area. This Natural Park called Dumbira will amaze you for its magic sunsets and unique flora.

Time seems to have stopped there, All visitors are seduced by the sweetness of life between the beaches and the coastal paths. The sea offers the typical fish meals to its inhabitants. Therefore, the artisanal fishermen subsist in the village.

To stay in Taganga, no hesitation, book directly at Divanga Hostel, a little paradise with swimming pool with French bar-restaurant of the best taste very easy to find on the Internet.

You can contact Lucie, the owner, she’s adorable and can confirm your booking by whatsapp to the number +57 3166515203. When you arrive at Divanga Hostel, she will give you all the tips. So that, your exploration of the region leaves you with unforgettable memories.

She defends the environment with her heart. Although so many infractors just want to built and destroy it. She considers important to preserve the tropical dry forest. This very special vegetation in the world also scientifically named “xerophytic”, you can find in Taganga.

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