Taganga village in Colombia

Taganga and the magic of the Colombian Caribbean.

What is Taganga?

Taganga (meaning “where the sea enters” in the local indigenous language) is a charming fishing village surrounded by beautiful mountains, pristine beaches, crystal blue waters, and stunning views. It has become an increasingly popular destination for travelers due to its location and close proximity to Santa Marta. Over the years the town has seen an increase; in excellent hostels, restaurants, clubs, diving schools and ecotourism agencies that have helped attract many people, whilst keeping its traditional feel.

Authentic Fishing village

This colorful and lively village has become the starting point for many recreational, cultural, ecological, archaeological and adventurous activities in the area.

Taganga’s visitors will feel at home with friendly locals on every corner. There is the opportunity to be a first-hand witness to typical Caribbean fishing techniques and activity. From watching the fishermen pull in their nets with the catch of the day to observing how they clean and prepare the fish for sale. One can observe on the street the local old fishermen seasoned by the sun and years fixing up his network.

Amazing Sunsets

The village beach is adorned with spectacular views of the sun setting over the sea. The sunset can be watched enjoying a delicious natural fruit juice prepared by a friendly native girl or eating delicious local fresh seafood. To get away from the main town you can also take a short 5-minute boat ride to the nearby Playa Grande. A great day at the beach can involve trying the traditional village food in one of the local restaurants: fried fish with coconut rice and fried plantains, whilst sitting in the shade in one of the many deck chairs looking out to the Caribbean Sea.

Diving in Taganga

Scuba diving certification in Taganga can be obtained at one of the cheapest places in the world. There are opportunities for all types of divers from experts to beginner to advance their skills. The diving sites are in the clear waters of Tayrona National Park, just a short boat ride away, where you can see an array of colorful marine life.

Taganga is also the ideal place to depart from to visit Tayrona National Park by boat, enjoying an excellent day trip to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The boatmen’s cooperative organized by the community provides a professional service of excellent quality and allows visitors to participate in the sustainable development of this village.
Fishing sports lovers can go with local fishermen to sea by boat early in the morning observe fishing, go snorkeling, lunch and take a nap in a hammock by the sea.

Taganga’s nightlife is especially intriguing. After dinner at one of the excellent international restaurants, visitors often start the night with a refreshing walk along the boardwalk. You will often find the streets full of life, live music, and street performances. Later into the night, you can enjoy one of the many bars on the beach with idyllic views of the bay, where you can dance the night away under the stars feeling the Caribbean breeze caress your face.

At night, after dinner at one of the many excellent international restaurants, visitors can start the course of Taganguera fun night with a refreshing walk on the boardwalk followed by a visit to one of the local clubs. The night in Taganga is always full of life, musical meetings, and street performances. The bars host an array of live music, whilst the outdoor clubs give you idyllic views of the bay and the opportunity to dance under the stars with the Caribbean breeze on your face.