From Cartagena to Taganga

Getting from Cartagena to Taganga

Getting from Cartagena to Taganga with a shuttle with air-conditioning is the easiest way. It can be booked at most hostels and hotels in Cartagena.

Ask for the company called Marsol that manages it at the hostel or hotel where you are staying.
Also, we recommend you to take a shuttle from Cartagena to Santa Marta and travel with the company Berlinastur Transport but then, you should go to their office. Ask at the reception dek in your hostel in Cartagena. And then take a cab to Divanga by Google maps.

When you want to go to Cartagena from Taganga, this transport is also available. Then we book a cab for you to their office, it costs $18.000 and takes 15 minutes. Thet are leaving every 15 minutes. Usually, you don’t need to wait.

Most of the time you transboard in Barranquilla but it is only to another shuttle in their office. So don’t worry if they ask you to. Getting from Cartagena to Divanga Hostel in Taganga is very easy and completely safe.

Make you to book your room before arrival, Book on our website it is cheaper!

Price: 60.000 pesos The trip takes about 4 hours and a half to 5 hours.

Nuestros buses
Getting from Cartagena to Taganga with Berlinastur and transport to Cartagena

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