Taganga and its Magic [2019-08-10]


“Beach, breeze and sea is the most beautiful of my land, tropical land with an atmosphere full of joy,” says the chorus of an eighties song. It summarizes the charm of this fisherman’s cove.


The territory of Taganga is surrounded by imposing green and ocher mountains together with the crystalline blue of the Caribbean Sea. Kindly, every day it extends his arms to receive children and adults, giving them all the majesty of his diverse species.

Pelicana y aves en Taganga en Colombia

Taganga, magical land. The only experience of getting there is, after passing the colorful neighborhood “Pescadito”. Then, the ascent to a mountain begins. In the middle you will find a warm viewpoint, from where you can see a rugged arid vegetation.

Then, it is seen in the distance as scattered houses are conjugated with dozens of colorful fishing boats and boats on the wonderful bay. Without doubt it is the best landscape of “Welcome.”

Bahia de Taganga vista de Dumbira

Our village is a factory of spectacular sunsets being protected by mountains. It is possible to see how the silhouettes of the mountains cut the horizon giving us dream colors in their wonderful sunsets.

In addition, the town offers different activities to do such as diving, snorkeling, boat rides, excursions and many places to discover and fall in love every day.

Atardecer en la Bahia de Taganga

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