rights and duties of our guests

Rights of the Guest

• Know the rates before hiring the service.
• Get breakfast in the established schedules.
• Report value objects to the manager so that they are stored in a place of greater security.
• Make a Petition, Complaint, Complaint or Suggestion if pertinent, and obtain their respective responses in the shortest possible time.
• Be respected by the staff of the hostel and other guests.
• Have a clean room and bathroom in perfect condition.
• Be informed of the tourist attractions of the region.
• Smoking in the designated area that is properly signposted.
• Request table games, which will be provided according to their availability.
• Request change of linen once a day directly at reception

Guest Duties

• Confirm your reservation by mail
• Pay the accommodation on arrival
• In high season, make the payment of 50% to reserve the service and the other 50% upon arrival at the facility.
• Help with the water and energy saving of the hostel, if they are not using these resources, close the key and / or turn off the light.
• Notify the reception in case of water leaks.
• Do not smoke or drink alcohol in the rooms and facilities of the hostel, except for the area that is properly signposted.
• Respect all the people who are in the Hostel.
• Keep the room and bathroom in good condition.
• Warn in case of loss or damage of an object, to find a solution, since you are responsible for the objects and things present in the room and bathroom.
• Remember to return the keys before your retirement, as well as check that you do not leave any of your belongings on the premises. However, if any object remains, the manager is obliged to keep it for at least 15 days.
• Comply with the legal requirements for the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors
• Preserve the flora and fauna inside and outside the facilities of the Hostel.

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