sustainable collaborators

Nuestros colaboradores en divanga

Rights of collaborators:
• Know the sustainability policy and the associated programs.
• Receive fair and timely payment for their services.
• Receive payment for their social benefits.
• Be trained by their superiors.
• Receive a uniform every six months
• Receive vacation every year during the legal period
• Not be directly or indirectly discriminated against for employment, or once employed, for reasons of sex, marital status, age, racial or ethnic origin, social status, religion or belief, political ideas, sexual orientation, or disability. as long as you are able to perform the job.
• To physical integrity and to an adequate safety and hygiene policy.
• Know the economic situation of the establishment and the projects of the management.
• Participate in development decisions

Duties of the collaborators:
• Respect the culture, beliefs, traditions, and habits of the people of the region and of the collaborators
• Make proper use of the Facilities and resources of the Hostel
• Respect coworkers and encourage the resolution of conflicts always communicating with the management.
• Comply with the specific obligations of their job, in accordance with the rules of good faith, diligence and schedule.
• Follow orders and instructions given by the superior.
• Respect the peace of the guests.
• Comply with the policies of sustainability and with its commitment within the attributions of responsibilities
• Comply with the legal requirements for the prevention of the sexual exploitation of minors
• Comply with the manual of coexistence of the hostel.
• Comply with the legal requirements for its operation
• Comply with what is regulated in the coexistence manual
• Request vacation orally or in writing with a minimum month of anticipation

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